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Making a will, a very important activity, gets ignored by most of us. We delay making the will, and finally we don't make it.  Due to this your near and dear ones face plenty of problems, as nothing is clear about what is to be done with your hard earned and saved assets. 

By chance, if your valuable assets fall into wrong hands; your near and dear ones will be spending their lifetime in courts and paying the lawyers. Whether they will succeed or not is a different subject.

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We help you in making your will at very low cost of Rs 5,000 per will document. Everything is done online from your desktop or mobile phone. The prepared will is delivered to you by email. You need to print the same and get signatures. That's all.

To start with, you have to first make a payment of Rs 5,000. The net banking details can be requested from

After making the payment, note the transaction number, bank name and the date of making the payment. You will require these when you are ready to fill the online form. After filling the online form and submitting it successfully, you will receive your will documents by email. It will take maximum 7 days for your will to be made unless you have sent incomplete information or missed additional information that may cause delayed delivery.

For any clarification or other information, please write to 

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